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Spain Has Fallen

It's the year 2064. Islam and Christianity are at war on multiple fronts. An Islamic empire occupies southern Spain. A revered Imam from Morocco can begin the process of healing thousands of years of hatred if he can make it to Rome, but he must rely on a hardened Spanish resistance fighter to get him there.


The Story


Carmen Velasco is a member of the Spanish resistance in the year 2064.

Carmen and her fellow soldiers are fighting the occupation of southern Spain by an Islamic empire. Northern Spain, on the other hand, is a province of a confederacy of Vatican states.

This 20-year hot war is a natural outgrowth of more than 1,000 years of hatred and distrust between Christianity and Islam.

There is hope in the form of a Muslim Imam from Morocco, Imam Hamza Allal.

For a chance at peace, he needs to her help in order to safely make it to Rome. To succeed, she must let go of her own hatred.